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Test name: A1CNow SelfCheck (Monitor w/ 4 tests)
Brief description of test: detect hemoglobin A1C, monitor & 4 tests, results in 5 minutes, Lab quality results at the point of care
Product features & Benefits: A1CNow Selfcheck monitor with 4 test strips provides a fast and easy way of obtaining accurate HbA1c results in the home to help you better manage diabetes. Results in 5 minutes.
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Type of test: A1CNow System & Tests, A1C-Hemoglobin Tests
Manufacturer of test: PTS Diagnostics, Inc.
Manufacturer brand: A1CNow
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Tests in package: 4
Product ID#: POLA4
Price of test: $74.99
Specimen required by test: Self-collected blood droplet
Are specimens tested at home or laboratory: This test provides test results at home and does NOT require that your test specimen be mailed to a laboratory 
Brief overview of test instructions: See test instructions enclosed with product
Note: Always read instructions enclosed with test kit for more detailed instructions
Diet restrictions required by test: No fasting required
Time before test results are known: 5 minutes
Suggested frequency to test again: A1C levels should be tested monthly for most people
Does test require a doctor's prescription: No doctors prescription required
Accuracy of test: Lab quality results at the point of care
Test precautions: See insructions enclosed with product
Special notes about this test: Manufacturer does not sell test strips separately from monitor.
CLIA status information: CLIA waived for home and professional use
How product should be stored: Store at room temperature
Product can not be sold in the following areas: Outside of the United States.
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A1CNow SelfCheck 4 Count

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Comes in a convenient 4-test pack with all of the items you need to complete both tests. Perfect for home A1C testing.
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