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Test name: CHOL + GLU CardioChek Panel - 25 strips
Brief description of test: multi-panel (total cholesterol/glucose) test strips for the CardioChek PA/Plus analyzers (25 strips)
Product features & Benefits: 25 Cholesterol+Glucose test strips for CardioChek PA/Plus analyzers and are ideal for public health screening environments. This combination test decreases the screening time and requires only one drop of blood.
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Type of test: Meter-Based Cholesterol Tests, Glucose Meters, CardioChek PA Test Strips
Manufacturer of test: PTS Diagnostics, Inc.
Manufacturer brand: CardioChek PA
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Tests in package: 25
Product ID#: POL32
Price of test: $116.45
Specimen required by test: Self-collected blood droplet
Are specimens tested at home or laboratory: This test provides test results at home and does NOT require that your test specimen be mailed to a laboratory 
Brief overview of test instructions: Insert memo chip into CardioChek PA (unique chip ships with every set of test strips), insert strip into CardioChek PA before applying blood, use a 30ul capillary to collect blood sample, drip 30 ul of blood onto strip, wait and read results
Note: Always read instructions enclosed with test kit for more detailed instructions
Time before test results are known: 2 minutes
Suggested frequency to test again: See doctor
Does test require a doctor's prescription: No doctors prescription required
Test precautions: Cholesterol Plus Glucose strips can only be used with the CardioChek P A
Special notes about this test: Analyzer is sold separately.
MemoChip is shipped with Test Strips and changes color depending on the test panel.
MemoChip and test strips are lot specific and will not work if the lot doesnt match.
CLIA status information: CLIA waived for home and professional use
Test shelf life: 1year from mfg date
How product should be stored: Store at normal room temperature
Product can not be sold in the following areas: Outside of the United States.
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