UV Light (to locate body fluid stains)

UV Light (to locate body fluid stains)

UV Light helps you locate seminal and vaginal fluid stains, invisible to naked eye, caused from inexplicable body fluid in under garments, clothing, bedsheets, furniture, etc.

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CheckMate UV Light

Are you in a relationship and worried that your partner isnít being faithful? Do you have a teenager who might be sexually active? Many of us ask ourselves these questions every day, but until now, there were no definite answers. A UV (ultraviolet) Light will locate and illuminate body fluid detection for semen or vaginal stains, invisible to naked eye.

Basically everything under the sun will fluoresce under UV light including many food products, very effective for isolating stained areas for further testing such as linens, clothing, automobile interiors, furniture, etc. Also, dried semen stains can be almost invisible on white cotton fabric and the UV light gives users the ability to more easily locate the area of the item to perform the CheckMate test on. A UV (ultraviolet) Light will illuminate or detect a body fluid stain the best in a darken room, such as a clothes closet. The stain will glow in a purple color. In forensic investigations, black lights are used to reveal the presence of trace evidence, such as blood, urine, semen and saliva, by causing visible fluorescence in these substances. The use of this technique by exposť style television news magazines for reporting on the various unsanitary and mysterious stains found in hotel rooms.

A 6" handheld battery operated black light fixture. Works with 4 AA batteries not included. This is because of the nanometer (nm) or wave length of the UV light that is emitted.

  • High Output UV Bulb
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Operates on 4 AA Batteries
Infidelity Test Kit
Infidelity Test Kit

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CheckMate Infidelity (10 tests to detect semen)
CheckMate Infidelity (10 tests to detect semen)

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