AlcoMate AL7000/6000/Core/Plus (100 Mouthpcs)

AlcoMate AL7000/6000/Core/Plus (100 Mouthpcs)

AL7000/AL6000/Core/Plus mouthpieces are lightweight and made of durable plastic. The breathalyzers use a semiconductor-oxide sensor that requires a mouthpiece.

Mouthpieces work for both the AL5000 and the AL6000 breathalyzers

MSRP Price:$38.5
Our Price:$35.00/box
Tests/box: 100 mouthpieces/box
Minimum order: 1
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Made for use with the AlcoScan AL7000, AL6000, Core, and Plus.

These breathalyzer mouthpieces are made of a hard durable plastic. It is advised to use a new mouthpiece for each person you test. You may also purchase mouthpieces in singles.