90ml Urine Cup w/ Temp Strip (test excluded)

90ml Urine Cup w/ Temp Strip (test excluded)

This 90ml flip top vials with temperature strip can be used collect urine, all types of urine drug screen cards can then be immersed through the slot in lit for clean and easy drug testing.

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Tests/box: 1 cup/box
Minimum order: Min 10 cups
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Company Practices

Operational Practices

Capitol Vial, Inc. is an ISO 9001-certified supplier that manufactures containers in class 100,000 and class 10,000 clean rooms. All air in the clean rooms passes through HEPA filters every 20 minutes to remove particles greater than .5 microns in size. Every room is environmentally controlled to help reduce machine variability and thus improve product quality.

The quality system is maintained through strict adherence to the ISO 9001 standard. Capitol utilizes Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Statistical Quality Control (SQC) to quantify variability in its manufacturing operations. Failure Mode and Effects Analyses (FMEA) are conducted to develop robust processes and facilitate continuous improvement. Quality testing consists of hourly in-process inspections and laboratory analysis. The laboratory analysis is both quantitative and qualitative. An interval based sampling plan determines the frequency of product testing and enables non-conforming product to be easily isolated. The following tests are conducted to ensure adherence to product specifications.

Leak Detection Testing
  • Validates seals in the container.
  • Serves as a diagnostic tool by indicating imperfections in the seal area before product is non-conforming.

Opening Force

Place container top-up into the holding vice and align the cap under the sensor arm. Activate the cylinder and read measure gauge at the end of the upward stroke.

  • Measures the force required to open the container.
  • Ensures container can be easily opened by anyone.

Electronic Organoleptic Testing

Punch ¼ inch hole in lid of container and insert flexible hose of an electronic nose (Aroma Scan) into the container. Remove the flexible hose when test is complete.

  • Measure the volatile odors inside the container.
  • Ensures containers conform to baseline odor parameters.

Moisture Vapor Transfer Rate Testing (MVTR)

Open container and place a predetermined amount of desiccant into the container. Close the container and place into an environmental chamber (80% RH @ 72ºF). Weigh the containers at given intervals and record weight gain.

  • Determines MVTR through the seal and sidewall of the container.

Impact Testing (Drop Testing)

Fill containers with water and place at three different conditions: (a) room temperature (b) 36ºF (refrigerator temperature) and (c) 0ºF (freezer temperature). Drop containers bottom first and inverted from a 4-foot height. Inspect containers for damage and record data.

  • Determines the impact strength of the container at different temperatures.
  • Ensures containers can withstand impact across a range of environmental conditions.

Microbiological Testing

Swab inside wall of containers and transfer to growth agar for enumeration.

  • Determines the sterility of the container.

Internal Pressure Test

Invert container (cap side down) under a water bath and insert a probe through the sidewall. Inject air through the probe into the container until the container shows signs of air leakage in the water bath. Measure the air pressure with a calibrated pressure gauge.

  • Quantifies internal air pressure required to break container seal.
  • Validates the efficacy of airtight seal
  • Ensures container meets minimum requirements to withstand air transport.

Continuous In-line Testing

Place an inert gas (argon) into the container prior to closing. Measure the amount of escape through the seal area of the container by using a continuous in-line measurement system.

  • Detects and rejects any container which does not meet the airtight specification
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