90ml Urine Cup w/ Temp Strip (test excluded)

90ml Urine Cup w/ Temp Strip (test excluded)

This 90ml flip top vials with temperature strip can be used collect urine, all types of urine drug screen cards can then be immersed through the slot in lit for clean and easy drug testing.

Our Price:$0.51/cup
Tests/box: 1 cup/box
Minimum order: Min 10 cups
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One-piece design

  • Eliminates tolerance mismatches between bottles and caps
  • Removes any cross contamination issues
  • Improves productivity through ease of opening and closing
  • Reduces number of inventory items
  • Cost effective

The container can be easily opened or closed with one hand.

Container and lid are made of the same material

  • Container and lid have the same coefficients of shrinkage and expansion and will maintain the integrity of their seal despite large variations in temperature

Sterile by process / FDA /CFR 21 standards

  • Eliminates need to perform secondary means of sterilization

Prior to Opening

Tamper evident by process (Pictures at right)

  • Only manufacturer that can ensure tamper evidency as container exits mold
  • The tamper evident arrow is molded to the body of the container and is inserted into the arrow box when the container is closed in the mold. The arrow separates from the body of the container and is ejected from the arrow box upon the initial opening.
  • Eliminates need to provide secondary means of tamper evidence

After Opening


  • Able to make any size, shape, color, or clarity
  • Easy to emboss, engrave, label, and silk-screen
  • Child-proof closures
  • Chain of custody closures
  • Additional snap seal or locking tab closures can be added to eliminate accidental opening

Compatible with Activ-Pak™ family of products

  • Create uniform environment inside of container (e.g. RH)

Environmentally friendly

  • 100 % recyclable

Leak proof / airtight (approximately 100 micrograms a day depending on size and style of container - see graph)

  • Improves safety by eliminating potentially hazardous substances leaking from container
  • Maintains product integrity and prolongs shelf-life
  • Allows container to maintain sterility throughout life cycle
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