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CheckMate Infidelity (5 tests to detect semen)

CheckMate Infidelity Test enable MEN to discover inexplicable semen in womans clothing and linens, enables WOMEN to differentiate between semen and non-semen stains in mans clothing and linens, enables PARENTS to discover sexually active teenagers.

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5 Minute CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit(5 tests to detect semen)

Do you suffer from the nightmare of suspicion and  doubt caused by the infidelity of a cheating spouse? Find out  what's really going on the quick and easy way with the Infidelity Test Kit™ from CheckMate.

The CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit™ is a home use semen detection test that instantly detects the traces of dried semen that can be found in a woman's underwear after sexual intercourse. Will not damage or stain the tested material. Try our Double CheckMate Infidelity Kit, you get twice as much product and SAVE $5 on the product Qualify for FREE Shipping!

With our patented semen detection test kit, she brings the evidence home to you without even knowing it. Giving you the instant information you need to deal with an impossible situation. 

The quick and easy CheckMate Infidelity semen detection product was created specifically for use in the home by untrained consumers. Other bodily fluids such as urine, blood, or vaginal secretions cannot cause a positive reaction. With CheckMate yes or no answers are obtained immediately. 

The CheckMate Infidelity Test kit can test 5 -10 articles of clothing for the presence of semen and works on any type or color of material. CheckMate also provides instant results without damaging or staining the article being tested. The CheckMate semen detection infidelity test kit comes with complete instructions.

If you decide to do a comparative DNA analysis you want to use a Reputable DNA Lab, such as GeneTree, Inc. We have been working with them for more than 5 years. They are very professional, accurate, reliable and trustworthy. Not all DNA labs are accurate, some just want to take your money and give you a "DNA report" that is not reliable.

The CheckMate Infidelity test kit helps determine and catch if your spouse or boyfriend is cheating on you. 

Before you can do the DNA Comparison you must find an inexplicable stain on your linens, furniture, vehicles, etc. using our UV Light. Then you can collect the stain using the CheckMate. If you find an inexplicable stain you now have the option to do a DNA Comparison.

semen light

infidelity test kit

At Test Medical Symptoms @Home, Inc. we pride ourselves for carrying the best and most reliable products. After doing extensive research on Infidelity Test kits for home use, we decided that CheckMate was the the most reliable and trustworthy! There are many others out there that claim to be 'the best", be careful about these products they can be misleading. Some are cheaply tossed together while others add extra supplies that you don't need just to make the product look better.



Everybody's Talking about CheckMate Infidelity Home Test Kits

"YIKES!" Katie Currick - NBC Today Show "CheckMate is the best thing since cotton candy" Howard Stern
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How It Works:

CheckMate Infidelity test kit is scientifically formulated to detect an enzyme that is produced by the male prostate gland. This speicific enzyme is found at very high levels in a man's semen. As long as the article (undergarment,clothing) to be tested has not been washed, invisible traces of dried semen will remain present for long periods of time--up to 2 years or even longer. If any semen is present, even the smallest trace amounts, you will see a purple color appear instantly. A women will continue to secrete small amounts of semen for up to 72 hours after each sex act--even after showering. Women also experience "Flowback" in which dried and/or visible traces of dried semen deposit on to her undergarments (underwear, towel). A woman may carry the evidence of semen 72 hours after intercourse.  Please abstain from sexual intercourse with the person (spouse, friend, fiance, lover) in question while doing this investigation.  A man will continue to secrete small amounts of semen for up to 2 hours after each sexual encounter unto his undergarments (underwear, boxers), bed sheets, etc.

Step 1

If you can actually see the suspected semen stain use the supplied dropper and remove a small amount of the liquid from bottle # 1 and wet the suspected stain. This only takes 1 – 2 drops. If you can’t see a semen stain but suspect one may be present, simply wet the suspected area. Allow the liquid to soak into the fabric. After the liquid has soaked into the fabric being tested proceed to step two immediately before the fabric has any chance to dry.
Step 2

Using one of the supplied Lift Trace papers in the infidelity test kit simply blot the entire wetted suspect area with the paper by pushing down gently in different places until the paper is thoroughly wetted. If semen is present this transfers it from the material being tested to the blotting paper so let the paper soak up the liquid. Now set the paper aside to dry.
Step 3

Using the supplied dropper remove 10 ml (2 Tsp) of the liquid from bottle # 1 and mix it with the contents of bottle # 2. Shake for at least 30 seconds to mix completely.
Step 4

After the Lift Trace paper has dried use the dropper to extract a small amount of the mixed fluid from bottle # 2. Place a small amount of the liquid onto the suspected Lift Trace paper. (1 – 3 drops)

If any semen is present even in the smallest trace amounts you will instantly see a purple color appear on the paper.

 With this infidelity test kit no traces of the test will be left behind on the material being tested.  It will not stain the item being tested.


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