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MyAllergyTest is first ever home allergy test that can determine if you have allergies to 10 of most common allergens: timothy grass, bermuda grass, mtn cedar, ragweed, mold, egg white, milk, wheat, cat, dust mites

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Frequently Asked Questions about Allergies and MyAllergyTest, a home allergy test

What are allergies?
What allergens are tested with MyAllergyTest?
Who should do MyAllergyTest?
Why is it important to know what I am allergic to?
How accurate is MyAllergyTest?
If my test results are negative, does that mean I am not allergic?
What can I do to make the blood collection easier?
Do I need to fast or collect my blood at a specific time of day?
Who can get my test results from

Q.  What are allergies?
A.   An allergy is the result of a person’s overactive immune system, reacting to usually harmless things. The substances that cause allergic reactions are known as allergens. Your body thinks the allergen is an invader and makes antibodies to attack it. People who have allergies have an antibody called Immunoglobulin E, or IgE. When allergens first contact the body of a person with allergies, allergen-specific IgE antibodies are produced. Each type of IgE has specific "radar" for one type of allergen only. That’s why some people are allergic to cats only (they have only the IgE antibodies specific to cat) and others seem to be allergic to everything.

When a person with allergies comes in contact with an allergen, his or her body will show symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as swelling of tissues, sneezing, wheezing, coughing, a runny nose, itchy eyes, and other reactions.

A person with antibodies to a specific allergen is commonly referred to as being “allergic” to that allergen
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Q.  What allergens are tested with MyAllergyTest?
A.   Your blood sample will be tested for the following allergens: House dust Mite, Cat, Timothy Grass, Bermuda Grass, Mountain Cedar, Short Ragweed, Alternaria (mold), Milk, Egg White, and Wheat.
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Q.  Who should do MyAllergyTest?
A.   Anyone wanting to know if they are “allergic” to the ten most common allergens should do MyAllergyTest. This test is made especially for you, the general public.
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Q.  Why is it important to know what I am allergic to?
A.   To help you better manage your allergy symptoms, you must first know what is causing your allergy. For instance, you don’t have to get rid of your cat if you are allergic to milk, and you don’t need to avoid pollens all year if you have a seasonal allergy to ragweed.

MyAllergyTest gives you more information. Once you know the specific allergens causing your symptoms, you can:
1. Avoid exposure to the allergens;
2. Contact your physician to get specific medical treatment.

An accurate allergy test, such as MyAllergyTest, is an important part of allergy diagnosis, when used together with advice from your Healthcare Provider.
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Q.  How accurate is MyAllergyTest?
A.   MyAllergyTest is as accurate as other standard laboratory testing systems. The MyAllergyTest laboratory tests your blood with a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared allergy testing method. Unlike tests that provide only a “Yes” or “No” answer, MyAllergyTest gives you a “CLASS” number which matches your level of allergic response. MyAllergyTest also gives you ImmuneTech Units per milliliter (IU/mL). Some doctors may use these test results to track the progress of allergy treatment.
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Q.  If my test results are negative, does that mean I am not allergic?
A.   No. MyAllergyTest tests for 10 of the most common allergens. While a completely negative test result is strong evidence that you are not allergic to any of the most common allergens, it is possible that you will be allergic to a less common, or even rare, allergen.
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Q.  What can I do to make the blood collection easier?
A.   Try any or all of the following:
  • Wash your hands with warm water
  • Warm your hands by rubbing them together
  • Choose a finger that is warm and callus-free
  • Let the hand with the chosen finger hang at your side for at least 30 seconds
  • Press the Safety Lancet firmly against the tip of your chosen finger.
  • Do not pull your hand away when triggering the Safety Lancet.
  • If you like, or if you feel uneasy, someone else can help you stick your finger.
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Q.  Do I need to fast or collect my blood at a specific time of day?
A.   No. You do not need to fast and you can test your blood any time of the day.
It is best to collect the blood sample before eating or several hours after a meal.
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Q.  Who can get my test results from
A.   Your test results are confidential. Access to test results requires the PIN that you attach to your Personal Identification Card and your email address. Only you can access your results with your PIN. If you’d like to make the results available on-line to your physician, you must give him or her your PIN and email address. Make sure you do not lose your PIN!
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